The Structure of the Methodist Church

  • Local churches (about 6,000 in England, Scotland and Wales) are grouped into Circuits (600+), each having a Circuit Superintendent. Circuits are grouped into Districts (31) led by a District Chair.
  • The Methodist Church or Connexion is served nationally by the Connexional Team, most of whom are based at Methodist Church House, 25 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5JR (020 7486 5502).  The Conservation Office and Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (Legal and Finance) are still based in Manchester but technical questions (other than conservation or listed buildings) and grants are now dealt with in London tel 020 486 5502 email or
  • There are posts for the strategic development of various aspects of the work, such as youth work, children’s work, mission and evangelism, Women’s Network, pastoral care, formation in ministry, etc
  • The post of General Secretary provides overall co-ordination and strategic direction to the Connexion’s work, under the guidance of the Methodist Council, a representative body.
  • The policy-making body of the Methodist Church is the annual Conference to which the Districts send elected representatives both lay and ordained.
  • A President and Vice President are elected and serve for one year.

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