Combining Circuits

Bible Study

The Apostles and leaders called a special meeting to consider the matter.  The arguments went on and on, back and forth, getting more and more heated.  Then Peter took the floor….

Acts 15: 6-9a from the Message.

Does this ring true for you? 

If you read further into the chapter it becomes clear that the decision is more about discerning the will of God, or listening for the Spirit, than about argument and facts.

When you make a decision, do you pray in order to understand better God’s will?  Do you leave time and space to listen to God’s answer?


The Process – just four stages!

  1. The Circuit Leadership Team of each Circuit involved writes to the Chair of District, requesting the District Policy Executive (DPE) to consider the formation of a new circuit. 
  2. DPE instigates a formal consultation process.  The District Development Enabler (DDE) will now help you through a church and Circuit Meeting consultation, and reports back to DPE.
  3. DPE presents a recommendation to Synod, who make a recommendation to Conference.
  4. Conference approves the changes, and the new circuit is created from September 1st that year.

At any stage the process can be stopped or put on hold, if it is felt that those involved are not fully behind the plans.

The DPE does not need to meet to instigate the process, consulting electronically at this early stage; however it is necessary for a fuller discussion to take place before they present a recommendation to Synod. The DDE will help you plan how to meet the dates.

The Resolution

The consultation and final Synod decision is based on a proposed resolution to Conference and will be drafted for you along these lines:

The Southampton District Synod recommends to the Conference that a new Zzzz Circuit be created in the Southampton District from 1st September 2011 comprising all the churches in the present Xxxx Circuit and the present Yyyy Circuit.


The wording becomes complex if the change in circuit structure is more complicated than a simple combination.  The DEE will negotiate this with you.

Key Dates

8th June 2011   DPE
30th June 2011 Conference
10th September 2011 Synod
22nd October 2011  DPE
 29th February 2012  DPE
 TBC April  DPE (extra Meeting if needed)
 28th April 2012  Synod
 6th June 2012  DPE
 July 2012    Conference


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