House Group Material

Lots of churches have small groups meeting, variously called house groups, home groups, fellowship groups or biblestudy groups.  Whatever we call ourselves, we're always looking for good material to use together.

So once again, we're asking for your recommendations, there are some ideas below, but please do add your favourite material by using the resources recommendation form.

You will also find some excellent house group material to accompany the ReKindle postcards under ReKindle.

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Christ In Us Today
A group discussion booklet produced by Christians Awakening to a New Awareness

Christian Life &
Christian Life & is a series of resources designed for group study in churches and house groups. Using the wealth of knowledge from London School of Theology and its associates, the series looks at God’s word in a refreshing and creative way

Companion workbook for Called by Name
A resource for Membership Classes

Creative Spirit
House group material based on the Methodist Collection of Modern Art

Becoming disciples through bible study

Discipleship For Lent booklet
A useful resume of some of the material you might like to use for Lent or any time with a group

Exploring Worship
Four sessions for reflection and discussion

Homegroups: The Authentic Guide by Steve and Mandy Briars
A useful book which deals with everything from the problem of an over-amorous dog during the prayer time to how to be an effective listener!

If you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat
A six session study guide to go with John Ortberg's book

Step Forward
Step Forward provides a resource for ‘Extending Discipleship and Exploring Vocation’

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