About Me

We know that a lot of people have had no financial teaching at all and we want to rectify this. We have a number of articles on the site which will hope will help. We try to cover a broad range of topics so that we can provide help to as many people as possible. We hope that by getting a better understanding of different financial products and of the consequences associated with using them that it will be possible for lots of people to change their own situation. We believe that a few easy changes can make a great deal of difference because they will lead people to understand what a difference they can make and they will hopefully then be inspired to make a lot more changes and see even more improvements. It could take a few or a lot of changes until you feel like you are truly in control of your money, but we believe that it is possible for everyone who wants to be, to feel completely at ease with their financial situation and hope that by doing some of the things that we suggest, that this will set them off on their way to achieving this.